We stand for dignified working conditions and for workers being paid fairly. For this 100% transparency is critical.

We work with a community of skilled artisan weavers in India, both female and male,

to create our beautiful, hand woven fabrics. We are dedicated to keeping alive these ancient craft techniques and our cultural heritages.

Our weaving houses are placed in the centre of the villages where weavers live. There is no unnecessary commute to work (often 3 to 4 hours in aday for some people). This precious time can be spentwith family and their local community.

Flexible hours at the weave house allows weavers to work hours that fit in with their schedule, often arriving early when its cool and leaving earlier.

Our weavers are paid a living wage; double what is paid in a normal factory environment. This is allowing for communities to get out of debt created fromprevious employment.
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