“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it brings hunger and unhappiness” - Gandhi

Reimagining how the fashion industry can better respect people and the planet.

Regenerative farming is the new organic or sustainable farming.

By omitting chemicals and working with regenerative agriculture we can replenish and strengthen the plants,  soil and nature surrounding.

Our Journey

January 2019: Bedstraw + Madder partnered with the regenerative farm in Erode, India.  Working with Nishanth Chopra of Oshadi  to grow 1 acre of  organic cotton in Erode, India.

June 2019: sowing Organic cotton seeds

Lockdown harvest 2020: Farmers lived on site to make this happen.

September 2020: Farm 2 fibre debut collection of colourful, knickers and robes handwoven on looms by local weavers from our cotton.


All creatures great and small have their role to play on our Regenerative Agriculture Farm as part of a holistic, living circular system. Grazing goats roam the cotton fields post harvest converting the cotton biomass into manure for soil health. Increasing soil microbes helps reverse climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon. Following the principles of a circular economy makes sense.