Why are nettles cool

Why are nettles cool

They grow like weeds but the common nettle is really something special.


With a protein content of 25% alongside high levels of vital nutrients of vitamin C, silica, calcium and magnesium and highly available amino acids they are a nutritional powerhouse.


Worth the sting in our opinion…


Related to flax and hemp nettle has a very strong fibre that has been made into linen since the Bronze Age and up until the 19th century.


In the 17th & 18th century nettle cloth was sometimes called Scots cloth, which is probably because nettle cloth was manufactured and was particularly popular in Scotland.


In the First World War, the shortage of cotton resulted in the Germans cultivating nettle plants to make clothing.


Due to it being fast growing and requiring little water to grow it is a sustainable fabric of the future and one we are excited about using!