Water. More precious than gold?

Are we running out of fresh water?

Whist water is essential for life on earth it is something that most of us in the developed world give little thought to. We expect it to always be there. To quench our thirst and bathe in at will. We can get in on tap, literally. 

Yet only a staggering 2.5 % of the Earth’s remaining water is fresh.

The clean water crisis is a hot topic at the moment with so little of it available due to recent droughts, a leaking infrastructure and contamination from sewage overspill causing more of a problem than ever.

Since the start of Bedstraw + Madder, maintaining clean, safe and abundant water has and always will be one of our main objectives.

From our packaging made with waterless ink, to our regenerative organic cotton grown without pesticides. From saving precious water with rain fed irrigation to using only natural inputs in our dyeing process. By removing all synthetic, toxic chemicals we prevent them from polluting fresh water supplies.

That's why the clothing we make is "clean" throughout the entire supply chain; to ensure a positive impact on our water.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin

"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water". 

In researching water, we discovered the average person in the UK uses 142 litres every day.

Clearly not only is it essential to use less water, but also to not pollute our water system in order to maintain as much clean healthy drinking water for communities around the world and not contribute to the 20% of global water pollution currently caused by textile processing.

Whilst the UK is known for having one of the cleanest drinking water in the world we are always looking out for ways to improve the quality for our health and wellbeing.

Unless specially filtered your home drinking water will likely contain the following:

Chlorine – a disinfectant.

Fluoride- a controversial mineral added to reduce tooth decay.

Microplastics have been found in 72% if water supplies in the UK

Drugs – a study in 2013 found compounds such as anti-depressants, cocaine bi products and ibuprofen to name a few.

These are our top choices of water filter that eliminate these nasties to one degree or another.

1.Berkey Water filter

This is our favourite due to its ability to remove all fluoride, chlorine, viruses, pathogenic cysts, parasites, pharmaceuticals, harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, VOCs, detergents, organic solvents, cloudiness, trihalomethanes, silt, sediment, heavy metals.

2. Black and Blum charcoal

The basic option which removes chlorine and puts minerals back into the water.

3. Osmio clarity gravity filter

They are able to filter out chemicals, heavy metals, plastic, hormones, pharmaceuticals and fluoride.


Great health starts with great quality water. Support your body with the best.

X Prim

August 19, 2022 — Primrose Matheson