The Ritual Sweat - Think Sweating is bad? Think again..

The Ritual Sweat - Think Sweating is bad? Think again..


Sweating purifies our body, removing toxins through our skin.

It is a good thing we promise..

Humans have been taking part in ritual sweats for thousands of years and we think the “sweat on” needs to return. However ritual sweats were not just about sweating, they were used as a purification ritual which varied depending on the culture. These ceremonies hail from south America and typically happen in circular constructions or teepees. Interestingly the shape of the lodge is meant to represent the womb of the Earth and is intended to purify those within it. A fire is lit outside and stones are heated on it. These stones are then taken into the centre of the construction on which water and incense is added to them along with ritual prayers.

The opportunity to do a sweat lodge these days is less that it was in the past but you can recreate the physical benefits in a modern sauna. It is less of a spiritual experience but the process of sweating is amazing for your skin and for detoxifying your system.

 We are always seeking out the best natural solutions for glowing healthy skin and this is one of our personal favourites.

A little reminder of the health benefits..

Saunas help fight infections and reduce inflammation whilst also supporting complaints such as arthritis and skin problems by improving circulation to the outer surfaces of the skin.

 Why not add a skin-enhancing sauna to your weekly rituals and feel the difference in your energy levels and glow.

 Add some healing essential oils to the hot stones of chamomile, rose or lavender to help soothe and nourish the skin.