The Hidden Truth - Chemicals in your skincare

The Hidden Truth - Chemicals in your skincare


How often do you read the back of the label on your shampoo or moisturiser?

Just because we can buy products for our skin in chemists and supermarkets doesn’t mean they are necessarily safe or healthy for our body.

Many of the products we have in our bathroom contain ingredients that could potentially cause sensitivity or harm.

It has been said we shouldn’t use anything on our skin that we wouldn’t put in our mouths - but there is probably an awful lot in our bathrooms we wouldn’t want to eat!

Removing these from our lives reduces our body’s toxic load which has a positive impact on skin conditions and improving general health and wellbeing.

Some of the most common hidden nasties contained in our skincare products are below and are to be avoided at all costs!

Phthalates - These are found in the fragrances used in products and they are known endocrine disruptors. Although exposure to phthalates mainly occurs through inhalation, it can also happen through skin contact with scented soaps.

Formaldehyde - Often found in moisturisers and hair products as well as nail hardeners it is an irritant and linked to asthma and cancer.

Alcohol - Alcohol is often put in beauty products for that refreshing feeling when applied to your skin but it dries it over time and studies have shown it removes the skins natural barrier causing irritation and leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.

Parabens - Parabens are very common in skincare products as a preservative to stop the growth of mold, bacteria or yeast. They can appear in different forms such as butylparaben,ethylparaben amongst others. They get absorbed through the skin and can cause neurological and developmental damage as well as leading to cancer.


So clean up your cabinets!

Replace Nasty with Nature :-)

Look for natural vegan friendly alternatives...


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