The Hidden Power of Plant Dyes in our GMD

The Hidden Power of Plant Dyes in our GMD

 At Bedstraw + Madder we have a continual love affair with plants and flowers.

Within their often-delicate petals or leaves plants contain hidden powers. The bright coloured pigments are actually made of anthocyanins which have healing antioxidant qualities.

Colour also has a secondary effect which often goes unnoticed but which studies show is very impactful.

Colour therapy is based on the idea that colours create an electrical impulse in our brain, which stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our body. These processes either stimulate or calm us.

Colour influences our energy system by its vibrations, affecting both our physical and emotional well-being.

By using the right colours, we can change our negative aspects into positive ones, be healthier, and acquire a higher level of consciousness and connectedness to our body and nature.

Whilst we can change the colours in our interiors with a lick of paint actually the easiest way to change the colours around you is through your clothing.

Our underwear is brightly coloured with natural plant dyes. As the first point of contact to your most intimate areas on a daily basis, sitting against your skin it enables you to absorb the healing qualities of the natural plant dyes we use.

How our new GMD range of underwear may be of benefit?

Tacoma Yellow

These sunshine yellow knickers are dyed with Tacoma flowers.

The plant possesses powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial activity due to its content of natural chemicals called flavonoids.

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra which is linked with liver, pancreas, digestive system, gallbladder, empowerment and well-being. The chakra is located between the navel and sternum. Yellow is related to the ego and our sense of self-worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.

Madder Pink

Our pink knickers are dyed with madder root, a dye that has been used for 2,000 years.

Madder has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for cold deficiency of spleen and stomach. A powerful anti-inflammatory agent it helps with arthritis, joint pain. Studies show it can raise white blood cell counts in chronic dis-ease. It acts as a good expectorant and is a great skin healer for acne.

Embodying nurturing, unconditional love pink calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and create physical weakness in people.

Marigold Orange

Marigold otherwise known as calendula are used to create our orange knickers.

These flowers promote healing. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory activity, it helps heal the skin from minor burns and injuries and regenerates new skin cells. It reduces Inflammation and is a great support in chronic skin disease.

The colour orange relates to 'gut reaction' or our gut instincts and stimulates the appetite. It represents endurance, strength, vitality, celebration, self-respect, abundance, joy, openness to others and enthusiasm for life. It supports our creativity. 

Vembalum Purple

Our violet underwear is dyed with the bark of the vembalum tree. 

The bark is used for skin diseases as it has anti-allergic properties. Vembalum is also known for its use in the healing of cuts and wounds.

Violet links to the crown chakra and is associated with the brain and pineal gland. It is linked with our higher consciousness and can have a calming effect.

Bring some colour to your life in more ways than one.

Start with one pair of knickers at a time.

Love + Knickers 

Prim and Ness





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What is GMD?

What is GMD?

Bringing you our unique botanical colour recipes our new knickers bring colour to your clothes via Gar-Ment-Dye - a term used to describe the dyeing technique when a piece of clothing is dyed after it has been made rather than dyeing the fabric before making it into something.

Why do we love it?

Whilst most fabrics are bleached, we always maintain the natural beauty of our organic cotton base fabric.

Our methods are kinder to your skin and to nature, which is why we are campaigning for clean colour and a move away from the heavy chemicals used in conventional dyeing methods.

All garment dyed pieces are pre washed and dried twice before they get to you so there is no chance of anything shrinking once you get it home which is always a bonus.

We exhaust our natural dye vat and use up those precious plant pigments when garment dyeing as you can keep adding smaller amounts of clothing until all the dye is gone, achieving different colours along the way and nothing is wasted. As an impact business we love this.

The GMD process gives character and essentially means you have a one-of-a-kind piece. We dye in small run batches meaning limited edition colour runs. No batch is exactly the same. Instead of a uniform finish like you get with chemical dyeing the garment dyeing allows the dye to settle in different amounts in different places.

Every garment dyed piece you buy you can be sure there is nothing exactly like it.

A work of art you might say.

It certainly makes every pair of knickers that little more special which we hope YOU our customers will love.

You can try GMD for yourself.

Our GMD basic range of knickers is launching at the end of the month in 3 colourways Candy pink, La Peche and Sunshine.

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x Ness and Prim