Healing Wild Herb Teas
May 03, 2022

Healing Wild Herb Teas

This Saturday 7th May we will be celebrating International Herb Day.⁠

Herbs and local plants were traditionally added to soups and stews in small amounts on a regular basis into order to benefit from their healing antioxidant, anti inflammatory qualities. ⁠

Now we tend to wait till something is wrong before we use them, which can make healing times longer and mean our immune system doesn't fight things off so well.⁠

We are great believers in taking a proactive attempt to our health and utilising the power of plants.⁠

Chances are that even if you don't have a garden you will have one or two of the below growing nearby in a park or hedgerow and incorporating them into a ritual of herbal tea can help you absorb the amazing benefits.

Place a handful of one or a combination of the below herbs infused for 15 minutes ⁠in a mug or pot. Add local honey to taste.


The superfood of the UK, growing abundantly and considered a weed. Nettle is a natural iron tonic,a diuretic to the kidneys and helps release toxins from the liver ( pick the nettle tops as this is where the most energy is contained)⁠


A great lymphatic drainer⁠ and blood purifier. The perfect partner for a physical spring clean. This is a great plant to juice with vegetables too as part of a morning tonic.


As my own namesake I have a special love for this plant. Along with their friends the cowslips (which look very similar) they are fantastic tonics for our nervous system. They bring calm and tranquility alleviating anxiety and aiding restful sleep. Drink in the evening before bed.


The leaves and flowers of the sweet violet possess mild expectorant as well as demulcent properties. The phytochemical in this herb helps to break up chest congestion and thin mucus linings helping us to breath. These qualities along with its high Vitamin C content make it a great cold and flu support.⁠


Rosemary is the memory herb. It strengthens our mind by increasing blood flow there. It's volatile oils are anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral making it a great herb to support the whole immune system.⁠


Is the king of herbs when it comes to respiratory complaints. Rich in phenol which is a powerful antiseptic it soothes sore throats and reduces inflammation in chronic chest complaints. 


This kitchen herb is a powerful ally. It contains a compound called apigenin which is a powerful fighter against cancer and booster of our immune system. Rich in vitamin C and a natural diuretic it supports kidney and urinary tract health.


Mint is the great digestive support herb.  It can help the alleviate the symptoms of IBS. It can also help us "digest" our emotions when they get overwhelming. 

Explore these magical wild herbs and enjoy the benefits they bring

x Prim