Regenerative Farming Journey

Regenerative Farming Journey


 We are so happy to share our story over the last year of our Regenerative Farming Initiative in Erode, India, a journey that started a year ago. How much has changed.

We became involved in a project for a radically transparent farm 2 fibre supply chain that supports biodiversity.

Our initial project is growing an acre of organic cotton using ancient farming techniques. By returning to ancient wisdom we are using techniques, which are both sustainable and regenerative.

Our partners for this project are Oshadi (See Meet the Makers) and Fibreshed. We were first introduced by Nina Mirenzi from The Sustainble Angle whilst researching natural dye partners.

Fibreshed is an organisation that supports regional and regenerative farming systems. The Fibreshed ethos goes beyond sustainability, to something that is truly regenerative and it does this by considering the whole system in which fibres, textiles and garments are produced.

This project supports the artisan community on the ground in Erode, as once the cotton is ready all the ginning, spinning, dyeing and weaving will be done nearby through a fair income supply chain.

We look forward to sharing updates in our weekly journal.