How green is your bouquet?

How green is your bouquet?

We hear about the air miles of our food but how often do we consider where our cut flowers come from?

 It is quite astounding to me that around 90% of the flowers in our shops are shipped in from as far as Ecuador and Colombia. Here there are issues with underage workers and poor working conditions. The flowers are not organic either. Pesticide use for cut flowers is big. Leaving these workers exposed to deadly concoctions.

 In Ethiopia alone 120 pesticides are used which are on the WHO negative pesticide list. Workers suffer health issues as a result of improper use and training.

Environmentally this is a disaster.

 The run off from fields of these chemicals into lakes poisons fish, which has a devastating effect on the communities that rely on it for food and their livelihood.

Buying cut flowers nearer to home is not the solution either.

The CO2 footprint of producing in green houses in the Netherlands is 6x larger than in warmer climate countries even if we then have to ship them further.

The solution?

  • Grow flowers in your garden.
  • Replace cut flowers with potted plants like spider plants or palms which clean the air in your home and remove toxins in the air like benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde
  • Appreciate flowers in nature growing wild
  • Keep potted herbs and create bouquets from them so that have a secondary use as an edible.
  • Look out for locally grown cut flower growers


X BM Team